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304 83rd Street, Brooklyn, New York,ny, 11209
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About us

Our studio is an acupuncture and Chinese medicine practice that was started by Julia Alikina in 2008 and "organically" grew in Bay Ridge Brooklyn. More than a decade since its birth the mission of the practice remains the same: to provide patient-focused natural medicine to enhance the health and lives of the people that we serve.

Here at Acupuncture Studio we take pride in the level of attention and skill we bring to our work. Each acupuncture treatment takes place in a private room, specifically designed to induce a sense of peace and relaxation and to provide privacy for the patient.

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15 reviews
  • Nilufer Eris·

    I had my first ever acupuncture treatment today and it was wonderful. So much so that I fell asleep. I’ve never even fallen asleep during a massage. Julia was so kind in listening to my concerns and asking me all the right questions. I can’t wait for my next session!

  • Luisa Heinz·

    Exactly what I needed.

  • Jovita Sosa·

    A review after being 1-yr blessed with Julia's healing acupuncture:

    Last May, I met Julia after experiencing the worst panic and anxiety of my life. A few months prior, I had landed in the ER with what appeared to be heart-attack symptoms, my blood pressure was very high, left arm tingled. After running an EKG, doctors determined anxiety and panic were to blame. I was given a vicodin and amlodipine to reduce my bp, and told to find ways to reduce my stress.

    In my search to find ways to reduce my stress, I stumbled upon the Acupuncture Studio. I remember being so choked up with emotion during my initial session with Julia that I could barely get my words out. The overall experience was so peaceful and conducive to tension release. During a session, Julia checked in asking if everything was okay, I told her I didn't know why I was crying to which she replied "it's okay, let go".

    Julia has listened to my list of aches/symptoms with compassion and tailors her treatments accordingly. She has also given me meaningful advice to help me work through my issues holistically, noting that acupuncture works together with proper nutrition and body and mind care.

    I feel so much better than I did one year ago. Thank you, Julia for your gift and for being part of my healing journey. Sorry for the over-share, but I know someone out there will benefit from it.

  • Myra·

    I’ve been on a healing journey for several years now. Starting acupuncture with Julia and massage therapy with Alexander was the best decision I made. Those of us with chronic issues know it’s a process, and these wonderful professionals have been there every step of the way. From the moment I arrive to when I leave, there’s a sense of being seen and heard. The expert advice, suggestions, and tools they recommend really work. The kindness and care they show is priceless. Julia has a keen eye for what the system needs, and the acupuncture is precise and effective in reducing my pain and promoting peace and well-being. As an herbalist, she has directed me to natural, toxic free herbs that have been invaluable. Alexander can quickly assess what your body needs are. His massages have been transformational for me. I’m so grateful. I highly recommend both.

  • Orit Dunkelman·

    Julia is a true sweetheart, a very professional woman with tons of empathy and lots of knowledge, exactly what you’re looking for when you’re getting your body stabbed :)
    We are working on getting my body balanced again and also trying to work on my dizziness, TMJ and overall feeling of lack energy.
    I feel very comfortable, relaxed and happy with Accupantur studio and know that I am in good hands.
    highly recommended..

  • Todd Fliedner·

    Xavier was nothing short of amazing!

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